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What are the advantages of using external hard drives?

Numerous changes are evident in the life of modern individuals. Every day a new product is launched in the market and people are trying their best to keep up with the changing trends. External hard drives are quite beneficial in some instances, such as:

External hard drives are Portable

External hard drives are portable, which means that it is possible for a person to carry these to different places. Even when someone is traveling and cannot take their desktop, all they would need is an external hard drive

External hard drives provide more Data Storage

There is a greater capacity of the data storage in these devices, which is why it would be a good option to invest in one. Precious data need protection and storage, which is why it would be nice to have a backup somewhere. Because of the extra storage in the external hard drive, it would be possible to use it as a backup for the computer.

External hard drives for Sharing Data

With the help of external hard drives, it would become possible to share data on different computers. Thus, there would not be a need to rely on the internet or wireless connection to share data especially if it is a large size file. With the help of external hard drives, it is possible to carry many files. Thus, a student who has to travel to a different place can take all the course work in the external hard drives in order to make the learning process easier.

External hard drives are easy to Use

It is easy to use the external hard drives on the computer. If the external hard drive is USB-based then it would go the USB port of the computer or the laptop. Similarly, it would depend on the kind of the external hard drive and the person has to use it accordingly; however, it does not require a lot of effort and is quite easy to use.

Buying external hard drives

When making a purchase decision in favor of a particular one, it would be wise to read the reviews online. There would be some comments as well, which would give an idea of the pros, cons, and the overall performance of the external hard drive. When buying the external hard drive, it would be wise to keep the relevant features in mind as some people would have certain and specific features for the external hard drive and investing in the relevant one would be the best decision. Buying it would largely depend on the main reason, an individual wants to use it for.

Final Words

There are many advantages to using external hard drives. However, it would depend on the preferences of the person, which one they want and what features they are seeking for in a particular external hard drive.


Getting the Best Gaming Mouse for 2019

Getting the Best Gaming Mouse for 2019

When it comes to gaming on your PC, you want to have a mouse that offers you comfort and efficiency. There are a lot of fancy mice out there that attract you with all their stylish designs and weird colors.

Gaming involves a lot of quick sudden movements. You need a mouse that does not slow down your reaction time. A half a second is enough to determine whether you win or lose a game.

What to look for in a gaming mouse

Technology used

Here you need to look at whether the mouse is mechanical, trackball or optical. For gaming, it is obviously better to get the optical mouse since this allows you to get faster reactions.

This is because the optical sensor detects even the slightest changes. You should probably look at the DPI (Dots per square inch). This determines the sensitivity of the mouse.

You also need to decide between wireless or wired. Both options are viable in this case and it is up to you to decide whether you would rather keep replacing batteries or not.

The wireless mouse offers you more freedom of movement while reducing the mesh of wires on your system unit. On the other hand, with a wired mouse you will never have to worry about replacing batteries. They both perform relatively the same.


Gaming needs have been evolving over the years and the gaming mouse wasn’t left behind. An average mouse comes with two clickable buttons and a scroll wheel. In some cases, the scroll wheel is clickable as well.

A gaming mouse comes with a couple extra buttons. Some on the side, some on the top. These buttons enable you to have more control of the game with the mouse. A good example is the Cooler Master Mouse MM520. It has all ten digits at the side as buttons.


You should also check how the mouse feels in your hand. A gaming mouse is usually big so that it doesn’t disappear into your hand. This gives you more control over the mouse allowing you to make even slight movements.

Recent designs have some extra features that enhance grip. Some have ridges instead of having a smooth curved surface. In some, the base is slightly extended to give some more room for your fingers.


Once you have narrowed down your selection by checking off all the above criteria, you now consider the price. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t need to. Go for the most favorable price. Find best budget gaming mouse here.

My personal favorite

I did my research and tested out most of the latest designs out there and I decided that the HyperX Pulsefire Surge was my best. It wasn’t too big or too small. It had amazing grip on my totally average sized hand and it had a few extra buttons to expand the use of my gaming mouse.

The RGB lighting was also beautiful and it came with some extra parts which I could add on for better grip. It is optical with a DPI of 16,000 (This is quite high) and was wired. At the time it was available for $69.90 from Amazon.

Here are some other viable options to look at.

– SteelSereis Rival 600

– Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

– Roccat Kone Aimo

– Razer Naga Trinity

– Creative Sound BlasterX Seige MO4


As we have seen, there are a lot of things to be considered before buying a mouse. You can’t afford to pick any mouse and go with it. For the best gaming experience, you need a mouse that suits you. As long as you follow the given criteria, you’ll be good to go.